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  • product and services joint venture and alliance transactions
  • hardware and software distribution channel (reseller, agent, distributor, OEM, teaming, integration, etc.) and cooperative and joint marketing and other product/services distribution relationships
  • indirect and direct end user software licenses, hardware and services purchase, lease and escrow agreements - US and international
  • web agreements for e-commerce transactions
  • multinational agreements, with local law specialization
  • outsourced in-house counsel
  • break-fix (repair), logistics and reverse logistics transactions
  • professional and consulting services
  • human resources, company policy statements and training programs
Intellectual Property
  • software, technology, patent and other intellectual property licensing; buy/sell and development agreements
  • source code licensing arrangements, including escrow agreements
  • technology joint venture and alliance transactions
  • confidentiality agreements, employee technical assistance and proprietary information agreements; noncompete agreements
  • commodity, systems and services procurement transactions
  • design and manufacturing services transactions
  • inventory financing agreements
  • ODM services transactions
  • outsourcing and offshoring arrangements for HR, IT, design, manufacturing, customer services, marketing, childcare, marketing, sales and other typical in-house transactions
  • localizing US-based agreements in foreign jurisdictions
  • distribution, buy-sell, licensing, web-based agreements
  • establishing manufacturing facilities
  • creation of entities
  • buy-sell real property, including ongoing businesses
  • employment issues with non-US employees
  • buying and selling companies, including employee transfer issues
  • competition issues in non-US jurisdictions
Government and Public Agency Transactions
  • documentation, including joint venture agreements, to obtain Federal government grants for new technology research and development (e.g., Advanced Technology Program of the National Institute of Science and Technology)
  • technology cooperation agreements with major domestic  and foreign universities
  • negotiations and documentation with State, Regional and Municipal departments in foreign jurisdictions for tax credits and other financial incentives to establish manufacturing, employment and training facilities
Real Estate
  • buy-sell agreements, sale-leaseback arrangements, commercial leasing, real estate development and joint venture relationships
  • loan documentation, lease-financing, inventor y financing, factoring and complex revolving credit facilities
M&A/Corporate Governance
  • asset acquisitions and dispositions of company assets as well as  domestic and foreign companies
  • creation of domestic and foreign related entities, including LLCs, corporations and partnerships
  • cross-border transactions impacted by complex tax and accounting issues
HR Activities
  • contracting with executives
  • employment and severance agreements
  • bonus and other compensation plans
  • transactions involving establishment of childcare and other benefits
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